Miche Syntium AXY Wheels Hg Black Pair

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Professional performance from the MICHE Syntium Axy wheels. Exceeds other brands, the hubs guarantee maximum smoothness with minimum rolling resistance. The aluminium rims have a medium height profile for clincher tyres optimized with an asymmetrical profile for the rear wheel to guarantee rigidity and aerodynamics. The use of aluminium nipples and lightweight spokes has considerably reduced the weight of this wheelset without compromising reliability.


Hub body made of Ergal 7075, CNC finished. Movement is on high precision sealed bearings full grease filled that guarantees long lasting smooth running. Easy to change the freewheel body, easy and fast the hub movement adjustment, that could even be done with wheels assembled on bicycle.

New features:

Stiffness increase of 20%

New Quick Release

  • Spokes: Sapim 16/24
  • Cassette body: Ergal 7075
  • Weight: 1580g
  • Skewers: 100g